Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting out

After just about a decade, she's back on the road. Since she last ran she's seen at least six owners, two of them were me.

I took her down to Don Tarvin and Black River Cycles for a little test and tune

 it turned out to be a little less testing and tuning than we had hoped because we were having some software issues, but I know that she's running way too rich and I've got a jet kit on order. It's taking it's sweet time to get here though.

But that's not going to keep me off the road
here with The MotoGatos RD

Squid represent. The color scheme is in constant flux at the moment. It's starting to look like a Silence Television bike with its' random stickers and icons. I'm excited about that.

 So far, I've only run out of gas twice, and electricity once. Other than that, she's been brick house reliable. Time to dig into the charging circuit a bit.

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