Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parts bike

I've been pouring over ebay and the like for a new wheel for this thing and have been able to find nothing that fits into my budget. Truth be told, I'm being unreasonable, the bike only cost me $600 to buy and as a result I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of spending half that or more on just a wheel for it and at the end of it not even having the eight spoke that I really want. Anyway with all this Ebay lurking I've managed to convince myself that my life will be enriched farther by owning this:

Okay so it's not a VFR and I can't use the wheel, but it does have a nice and straight oil cooler and a pair of headlights that will be perfect for the RC30. All the rest of it will be sold off to fund Cinder. It's a Yamaha FZ600 that has been half streetfigher-ed. Now I'm on the hunt for a beat up VFR parts bike to strip and part out.

 Maybe from now on I should just be buying parts bikes rather than just parts :) I like tearing them down.
I love it's stance and the pointy tank. I might have to restore one of these for the next project... but I'm getting ahead of myself.