Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sub-frameup to be precise

I've been playing around with the subframe design for the VFR
This is a standard RC30 subframe, much smaller and lighter than the VFR sub

Originally I was going to go with aluminum tubing and started to mock up the design in MDF

But I think I can solve a few problems and come up with some slicker mounts if I do the whole deal in billet

This was the first mockup that I cut by hand on the band saw. The idea's sound but the angle needed tweaking.

Next was this:
These pieces will be cut out of aluminum later. I think the profile will work as it is, but I may cut the rails that mount the seat off and make them a separate ABS piece for more adjustability. Also I need to put mounts in for the regulator, fuel pump, and figure a way to suspend the battery in there. I like the billet idea because it will act as a heat sink for the regulator.