Thursday, June 5, 2014

More is more

At Barber I was able to pick up a little Lucas (I think) headlight for Squid. Until now, I've not managed to put it on the bike though, It's one of those last steps that's easy to put off.

We've been running a lot of 4 axis parts in the shop lately so I took a few lunch hours to finish up this project.

Inside bracket:


It turned out to be a full 4 sided part, they ran just under an hour a piece with a big fat 3/4 cutter. This is the whole batch

At first I had the brackets clipped on right under the triple, but it looked a little too Sportster for me. So I dropped them down about three inches:

I'm digging them, at some point I'll make some new clipons which should allow me to move the bars forward a bit and everything may shift, but I'm happy to be able to put her on the road (fingers crossed) like this... With new paint, I can't stand the paint.

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