Thursday, October 31, 2013

Barber, the sequel

By the time we got all the way to Alabama, Squid had still managed not to fix itself. I spent a lot of my weekend like this.

But not all of it. While I had broken my bike, Kate had broken herself, so I rode here bike
...and she, didn't

Kileys place

Patrick spent most of the weekend making his son Zeke into a celebrity

While Junior did what Junior does...
...make awesome happen.

Matt raced the van. Not sure who won, but I'm pretty sure the van didn't know it was racing.

We all made some new friends:

I pinstriped some helmets, Skyler pinstriped some boxes

Mad gringos out the woodwork!

I bought cool, useless stuff at the swapmeet

We tried to fix 2 strokes, as it goes

Kate threw some motorcycles, and won a motorcycle.

And eventually, the 3RM bike came out of the boxes

Can you think of anything better to do on a weekend in October. Next year... riding Sqiud.

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  1. Hey Kit, been following you since you got you build on with Loudbike and Motofaccione. I have the same bikes as you did. I know you sold your monster. I have a 75 CL360, and 71 CB750 and 01 Monster. If I could ask your advice... I am in the market for another bike to turn into a bobber of some sort, (Yam 650xs or Suzuk S40 or a HD Sporty) I would love to just buy another bike, but the wife may disagree with that, thus, I would have to sell either the CB750 or the Monster. Both “classic” bikes in their own right. There lies the rub, which one to sell? Anyway, hope I’m not bothering you. If you have advice, please contact me at if not, no worries. thanks and keep wrenching, me and my friends always check out your stuff. Take care. Jay.