Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lapping it up

This is after a real good cleaning. This head is from a motor that wasn't supposed to go on this bike, so I had been doing a bunch of cosmetic work to it which left it full of metal. Lots of carb cleaner, brake cleaner, WD40 and a full disassembly (minus the valve guides) later and I've got this:
 Not nearly 100 percent, but it's better than it was and for this bike I wasn't planning on modding the motor all out like my other bike. Also with gas at $3.29 and a full size van to drive I want this thing back on the road now.

Before and after (intake)

After cleaning each valve I lapped them all in by hand, I'll have to get one of those little suction cup sticks for the next job... but how will I hang it on the wall?! The intake seat pictured is not in good shape, you can see the pitting that could lead to loss of compression, I'll have to remember this when she's running so I can test it.

 ... and exhaust. This took a while with them chucked lightly into a cordless drill and a couple different grits of Scothbrite.

When I got done with this I was shocked to discover that it was almost midnight so I had to call it a day. With a little luck by the weekend (two days) I'll be able to test ride.

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