Friday, March 4, 2011


Didn't get a ton done last night, but I am moving in the right direction. The tv in the garage hinders my productivity.

Stamped to identify the proper parts.

New seals 
I like to pre-oil everything before installing  

new seals in place

Installing the valve springs. A little assembly lube on everything that has metal to metal contact isn't a bad idea, and it helps hold the little retainers in place. They're still a hell of a pain to place though. Also note back on the table that the tighter coil of the springs are at the bottom, remember this when installing them.

Old head on the right, it's interesting how much the casting has changed I don't know the build year for either but I would guess that the one on the left is newer. They're both from the same model of bike.

And this is why the old head's being replaced
 new head:

New on the left. By the way when I say new I don't actually mean new, it's off the motor for one of my other bikes and almost as old but it's "new" to Loudbike. 

Again, I've stayed up too late, and this is where I end.

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