Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bike table 2 (The Revenge!)

First thing on the garage agenda was the flooring. Important decision, in the old shop at work we had a white epoxy floor which was awesome for cleanup, but in the winter time the floor in my garage was freezing cold and I knew that whatever heat I was able to pump into or keep in the garage was in direct competition with the floor, like having the refrigerator door open all the time. So I was hoping to find something that would offer a little more insulating ability. After a discussion over at DoTheTon about out door carpet and hanging out in a friends shop where house carpet leftovers were put down I decided to check this carpet stuff out. This is what I found at Lowes:

and how could I pass that up? Bought 360 sq ft:

Also made myself another table, this is all you'll need to do your own (plus a wheel chock, and two 2x4' sheets of pegboard if you want to add that)

2 eight foot 2x4s
2 full sheets of 3/4 ply (I used one good and one cheap)
4 casters
16 1/2x2" carriage bolts and nuts
Box of 1" wood screws
Box of 2" wood screws

 Cut the two sheets of ply down the middle lengthwise and rip 24" off the bottom of each
 Laminate the larger pieces together using wood glue and the 1" wood screws. Then trim the edges to flush with another pass through the table saw (trim the small 24" pieces to match) Mount the casters 3/4" in from the outside.
Making sure everything stays straight, assemble the inner part with the 2x4s cut down to 1.5" less than the over all length.
 Use the remaining 24" sections of 2x4 cut in half down the length to create guides for assembly on the top of the bottom piece. These will be used later to mount the pegboard.
...and slide it together. Here's where the 2" screws come in, lots of them.

Garage remodel in a box

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  1. Should totally make this as a printable version. Debating between this and another I've found that uses one piece of 3/4 ply.