Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Way back in 2005 I came across this in a junk yard for $600:
...and I couldn't pass it up. It was the first inline 4 that I really liked the look of. It had clearly been abused a bit.I had grand plans for her:

...but I never found the time. It sat in my garage, I moved it from an apartment, to a town house, and finally to my current house. All without really doing anything to it. So when a friend of mine came along and expressed an interest in it I decided that maybe he'd be able to get to it and get it on the road sooner than I would and I sold it.
You might remember the post "Eulogy". Well he had just bought a house himself and also, like me ended up not having any time for it so he sat on it for a while too. So again, when another friend of mine suggested maybe he was interested in an SOHC 750, I suggested that I might know just the one, and she changed hands again, and again she sat.
She sat in his garage until he decided that maybe a better choice for him would be an XS650 and it was time again for the 750 to find a new home. So here she is:
Back home and with some new enthusiasm this might actually happen this time.

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