Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bright Lights

I'm trying really hard to keep the progress on this bike simple and straightforward with no detours for aesthetics. I want to have a good running and riding bike before I start messing with the look of it. It's not easy, and the other day I convinced myself that I should paint the back section of the frame.

Much of the reason for this was that I had been grinding on it and generally messing with it working of installing the tail lights. I have a hand full of these little LED 1157 bulbs they're super cheap and easy to find at any auto parts store. I've been trying to figure a way to plug them into the ends of the frame tubes ever since I came up with the idea for Sixtynine and I think I've solved it.

I bent up these little spring retainers from a coat hanger based on a drawing that I did referencing the frame tube and using the shock mount as a mounting point.

I took a rigid ruler and scraped it across the top of the two tubes to get a center line and then drilled a hole based on the drawing that I made.

Ran a cable braid inside the tubes.

and plugged them in. Right one's not quite sitting right but it seems to be working great. I think I'll still replace the spring bend that I made in the wire with an actual spring because it's too rigid. That might help it sit a little flatter.

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