Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check out my ABS

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene that is. I love this stuff, if it wasn't so bloody heavy I'd make my next bike out of it. I work with ABS all day long most days, typically I'm making it into a handheld, or TV, or toy robot or something, a motorcycle fairing is nothing!  I got stuck at work tonight babysitting a mill, so I took a little time to work on the FZ600 upper.

I've already done some work to it, primarily stripping a lot of paint, and filling holes

 Here you can see one of the buttons I made to fill the mounting holes along the bottom. This will be all the fairing that the bike has for the time being, so to give it a little more of a finished edge, I cut down strips of ABS and solvent bonded them to the lower edge, built up a radius on the upper edge with dental resin and sanded it to a nice profile. In the picture the strips already on and sanded, the one laying next to it is what i started with.

Note the hole for the signals. Someone before me made a fairly nice patch with bondo, but they didn't put anything in to back it up, so it would never paint well. I knocked the one that was already cracking out....

 ...and made these...

I decided to give them a little shape to fit the space and not look quite so obvious.

I left the other bondo patch in. There's nothing wrong with the stuff, it's just not a good idea to bridge gaps with it. With these back plates in place everything should be fine.

Another project I was able to knock out was the drilling of the other side:
Started off with a two guide lines 

...and worked with a .5 inch strip of tape to place them all perfectly. 

I'm on the fence about the holes, I always thought they were kind of strange on the fireblade, but it's such an iconic design detail that I couldn't help myself. Especially since it's a Yamaha fairing.

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