Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Given that my rear disk is running out of round I figured there's no better time than the present for a little tear down and inspection.

It took me a few days to track down the right tools for the job, the rear nut holding the entire assembly together is a monster 46mm. Through a little research I discovered that 46mm is just a hair off of 1&13/16" and since 46mm impact sockets are made out of forged unicorn testicles and priced and distributed accordingly I went on the lookout for a 1&13/16" tool. Given that I'd have to buy not only a socket but also an adapter to use my 1/2" drive impact wrench on the 3/4" socket, I decided that the more economical way to go would be a box end wrench. $40 later no dice, the wrench is a 12 point and the nut's not only shallow, but also aluminum so 140+lbs of torque is more likely to round it out than remove it. Back to the hardware store for what I should have bought in the first place.

...and I'm good to go. It still wasn't easy, I ended up damaging the face of the sprocket hub a bit with the repeated hammering.

After that it was a breeze, actually shockingly so, nothing was bound up, nothing was bent, nothing was even very dirty. The spindle eccentric was a bit chewed up though, I think that the PO thought that he was supposed to adjust the chain tension without loosening the pinch bolt.
A little bit of grime in there, but nothing to complain about. I've got no idea what the mileage is on this thing the odometer says 33,168miles but it was in a box when I bought the bike... so I can say with confidence that it has more than 33k on it. But if this is any indication it might not be much more than 33k (or it's just indicative of a Southern California urban life)
Everything you need to pull apart your spindle (really you don't need the box wrench, but I paid $40 for it so I was determined to use it)

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