Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cutting frame

This all happened before leaving for Barber, but I forgot to mention it, so here goes:

     Over on the SOHC4 forums there's a guy who  used to make a frame kit for the 750. This kit allowed you to remove a section behind the neck so that you could pull the valve cover and head with the engine in the bike. This would be extraordinarily useful if you were to have a mysterious and massive oil leak somewhere in there after a fresh rebuild. That kit was The Gordon Frame kit, but sadly, it is no more, so I made my own.

Steel slugs off the lathe

Slug blank in the foreground, all the rest are finish milled and tapped
 All grade 8 M8x1.25 hardware (I think it was 1.25, whatever "fine" is)

Tried it with a hacksaw... but then I remembered power tools


 The front left one needed some cleanup inside the tube to knock down a factory weld bung

And this is how she went to Barber, pretty, and broken.

Although I hate to say it, no. I have no plans to make more than one kit. Demands of work and family always push projects like that to the side and I end up disappointing buyers or myself. Also it's a conflict of interests where I work.

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