Saturday, October 26, 2013

Barber, the sequel (part 1)

We broke down a lot less this year, let me just say that right at the beginning.

But that doesn't mean nothing happened...

This year the group grew a little

Jay, his wife Alice,

Thanks to Iron&Air for taking this picture

and Junior

Packed ourselves into Jays truck between the bikes

While Matt,



and Skyler,
I think he's been drinking, that must be why he's blurry.
packed into the Big Blue Beast
Which they then attached a port a potty to, filled it with motorcycles, and drove across the country.

The in flight entertainment CB required constant fettling

When we arrived at Jay and Alices hotel (apparently they prefer comfort) it was time to offload some bikes.

So much Retro Moto metal

That first night, when the bike in a box was still in a box:


  1. I saw a new post and got excited, but then the picture links are broken! Not sure what happened, but super excited to see your work!

  2. Sorry about all that, tried to do it all from the laptop... but Macs and I have a checkered relationship. Working on fixing it now.