Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Barber post

We went to Barber... and it was good!

Packed up the van

And headed out.






...and Barb the Barber Barbie

Got to Kileys in the middle of the night

And then broke the van first thing in the morning

Matt didn't mind, mostly 'cause he used it as an excuse to start drinkin'

Got back to Kileys, and fixed the van.

 There's yer problem!

Then Kate's bike was broken, so I scribbled on it

Then Skylers bike broke

So we went to the races:


Damn awesome!

...and damn!

Rode a little bit, painted a little bit, and hung out a little bit

The man to see in Alabama

Then Jr.s bike broke

 so we went to the museum

watched Flug put Nixon back together
 and went home
Until next year...

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