Monday, November 26, 2012


Down to the last split.
I would have just moved onto the transmission from here without stopping,that's the only reason I pulled the thing apart after all. But I found this:

Note the broken oil ring on the piston, that's what did the damage to the cylinder wall. To get this out I have to go bigger. That wasn't in the plan, or budget, but it's the only way to get this thing back on the road, so it had to happen. After much searching much of which landed on piston kits that were about $650 (which isn't possible) I got pointed to a much cheaper one on ebay that a friend who's opinions I respect told me looked good. So $110 later I got these.

 Also just now I picked up my cylinders, all fresh and clean clean.

From a local lawn mower shop $165. Engine building on the cheap. Wish me luck.

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