Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rise up!

I've spent too much time on the floor. Taking inspiration from a thread over on DoTheTon I came up with a couple of work table designs.

I like this, but I can't weld, and I don't have any steel

Next was this
Because I could actually make it with 3/4 plywood, I know it looks like a coffin which is a little weird. It was a function of the shape of the bike, I wanted them to take up as little space as possible and be able to nestle... to again, take up less space. I'm working out of a two car garage.

As I started to cut the wood for the coffin one it ended up being square because, that's just so much easier to do with our table saw. Might even be more stable in the end.

contact cement... too much contact cement

you never have enough clamps

These will form the top and bottom surfaces, I used too muct contact cement for it to dry in the 24 hours that I was able to give it, so I had to re-enforce each with 38, inch and a quarter screws.

Setting the carriage bolts for the casters. I really want to get leveling casters but that wasn't in the immediate budget, so these cheapie non locking 300 pounders will have to do for now.

Two sheets of 3/4 ply and two 6 foot 2x4s. All the strength will be along the centerline where it's needed most. This is one whole sheet less than my original design would have needed, much less waste, and you can directly access all the storage space, sweet!

Now I just need another, and I'm half way there because I've got a left over sheet of 3/4. I think I also want to add pegboard to the middle sections to hang small parts and parts bags.


  1. nice setup! I've got a short 3' table in my garage. Definitely worth the storage space.

  2. You should get a piece of cold rolled steel cut to mount on top of the table...long lasting durability, easy to clean oil spills, and looks really nice as well! Nice work!

  3. Thanks for the idea, I'm not sure what I'm going to top them with yet. There's a stainless fabrication shop around the corner from my office and I'm tempted to go in there and ask them about it.

  4. Kit..nice mods on the newer tables you built! Your garage is looking great as well! I still want to check out your bikes at some point. All I have been working on lately are my bikes as well as others...:) Talk to you soon!

  5. Kit..when you laid the carpet down in your garage what did you use to make it stick and lay flat? Just curious, I am thinking about doing this in my garage. Thanks!

  6. Well it doesn't lay perfectly flat, but I used carpet tape to try to get it to. Maybe if this wasn't the first time for me to lay carpet down I would have done a better job, but it's fine for now how it is.

  7. awesome Idea bloke. I reckon I will build one of these for my project bike a 1980 xj550.... good idea about the sheet metal top as well.

    what about maybe re arranging the bottom so that you could put storage bins underneath for all the bits and bobs you pull off the bike...