Monday, January 3, 2011

back on two wheels!

bearings are in and she's back on rubber. Maybe my next project should be insulating the garage.

I wanted to post pics with that statement, but Shozu's not cooperating, so without further adieu:

Went together a lot harder than it came apart, everything's tight now... in a good way
When I had Ceasar do my powdercoat I left the masking a little short

so that I could sand a nice clean edge on it
I adore this color combo


And wouldn't you know it, it almost looks like a bike again

I hung the fairing from the fz600 on it just so that I would get used to it with a nose.

Also I would have taken some better pics of it, but the garage is a mess because it's too cold to spend any time out there to tidy it up, and this was literally as far away as I could get without opening the garage door.

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