Saturday, July 6, 2013

Speed bump

Everything was going great. I was moving forward, the bike was coming together, and all was good.

...and then, I found this:

Those dogs are junk, fork is possibly reusable, drum is possibly reusable. I tried to find another one of these gears everywhere. I even bought up a whole new basket full of 750 transmission off ebay trying to get one. Same exact problem with that one.

But, with a little help from the good folks over at the SOHC4 Forum I've finally got one and after several months of complete dead stop on this project. I'm charging ahead again.

Life is good.

1 comment:

  1. Wow man those dogs are shagged. The box on the FZR I had was like that, and you could barely use 2nd gear since it would pop out all the time. I picked up a used gear stack off ebay and sent it to APE race parts and got it undercut. I think it cost me about $350, but well worth it.